ONE HOUR FREE Vinyasa Yoga for Narzenhof Guests at the nature pond or attic stadium with Lisa Stampfer.

When: 26 May 2023 every Friday

Time: Meeting point 08:55 a.m. at the reception desk.

Where: At the Narzenhof natural pond if it´s nice weather or if it´s rainy in the attic stadium

Vinyasa Yoga is like meditation in motion.

To open our body and mind through movement combined with conscious breathing and inner exploration/self-reflection, cultivating awareness and connecting to the divine. Vinyasa Yoga is an open system and therefore allows the practice to change according to the given needs and circumstances and thus align with the NOW.

We activate bandhas (body locks), these act on the energy system of our body. The steady, flowing Ujjayi Pranayama (oceanic breathing) cultivates heightened awareness and connects us with Spirit - with our inner worlds. The focus moves from the outside to the inside. Life is constant change. Vinyasa yoga provides a wonderful platform to embrace and integrate these changes. Not to forget: our fasciae - the web of life. Fasciae are like hair - if we don't take care of them, they become matted. To prevent fascia from getting into trouble in the first place, we should stretch it.

Stretch the whole body in all possible directions. Yoga is ideal for this.

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