Dogs Welcome!


Finally holiday! Not only the two-legged guests are welcome here. Your 4-legged family members are also welcome to spend some well-deserved time out with us. Because we love dogs! Accordingly, we not only have dog-friendly flats & chalets, but also many other amenities for dogs in our house. For a carefree holiday with your dog in the Tyrolean mountains.

A relaxing break in the middle of the breathtaking Tyrolean mountains, together with your four-legged darling! Our dog-friendly flats & chalets offer the perfect retreat for you and your dog. But that is not all we have to offer!

Together with your dog, you can experience the unique combination of holiday, wellness, hiking and golf. Because our motto is: "If the owner feels good, the dog feels good too". We want you to spend an unforgettable time with us together with your four-legged family member and feel completely at home.

Surcharge dog € 15,00

To ensure a pleasant holiday for all guests with or without dogs, we ask you to observe our dog rules. We ask for your understanding!

Dogs not allowed on the sofa or in the bed.
Dogs not allowed in the natural biotope:

Our beautiful natural biotope is available for our guests and is filled with clear spring water from our own well. We therefore do not want dogs in the water. There are many bodies of water in the surrounding area where dogs can cool off.

Dog excrement

It is a matter of course for dog owners to pick up dog excrement with a "dog walker's bag" and let it disappear in the nearest rubbish bin. Fields and meadows must be kept free of dog excrement, otherwise the cows grazing there can become seriously ill.

Compulsory leashing

Free-range and leashed dogs have plenty of room for free exercise along the walking and hiking trails in the region. In buses, parks, public buildings (including shops and inns) and near grazing areas, dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than three meters for their safety and the  subjective—safety of others. In Söll, the leash obligation also applies on fields and hiking paths outside the village area. The leash requirement applies universally, even to very well-behaved or small dogs. Negligence can make a hole of up to € 360.00 in the dog owner's purse. The smells of the alpine flora and fauna, which are unfamiliar to the city dog, can also lead to unexpected reactions for the dog. So, it's better to keep even an obedient dog on a lead than to have to whistle it back later!

Checklist for dogs, what should you take with you?

  • EU pet passport or international vaccination certificate
  • Number of the liability insurance
  • Dog leash, muzzle if necessary
  • Sleeping blanket, favourite toy, brush
  • Ready-made food, treats, water and a food bowl, possibly a spoon.
  • For the journey: Water bottles
  • Old towels in case he gets wet or dirty
  • For long hikes and tours at the holiday destination: possibly dog shoes
  • First-aid kit: tick tongs, iodine solution for disinfecting wounds, wound ointment, travel tablets if necessary, dressing material
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